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Cream of Wheat with Walnut Protein Cream

Orange Ricotta Cheese Blintz with Melon

Asian Grilled Mahi Salad Platter with Ginger Citrus Vinaigrette

White Bean & Bulgur Salad Pita Sandwich

Filet of Sole with Parsley & Caper Sauce & Earthy Wild Rice

Shephard''s Pie with Turkey, Mushrooms, Peas, Carrots & Whipped Potato

Eggplant Caprice Snack

Oatmeal Cookie

Grilled Thai Vegetables with Minted Cucumbers

Black Bean Quesadilla with Salsa Fresca

Oatmeal Cookie

Grilled Thai Vegetables with Minted Cucumber

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Your Meals For 10/30/2014 | Thursday


Crustless Egg White Quiche Lorraine with Gruyere Cheese


Turkey Salad Platter with Creamy Herb Dressing


Roasted Chicken Breast with Haricot Vert and Butternut Squash


Black Bean Quesadilla with Pureed Salsa Fresca

Snack 2

Eggplant Caprice Snack