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Angelica Bridges


"Being on the #1 television show in the world set a precedent for keeping my body in the best shape possible. The world is constantly looking at you as if you're under a microscope. That can put a lot of pressure on any human being! When I discover ChefsDiet™ Delivery, there was no more "pressure" to stay fit-it became a way of life! The food is absolutely delicious and my energy levels are out of this world. I feel healthier and more toned than I ever have in my life."


Rick Fox

Los Angeles Basketball Team

"Thanks to ChefsDiet™ I've dropped my extra weight and boosted my energy on and off the court."


Jennifer Garner

Television Star

"ChefsDiet™ has allowed me to lose weight and gain lean muscle, plus I enjoy the food."


David Boreanaz


"ChefsDiet™ has allowed me to lose weight and gain lean muscle, plus I enjoy the food."


Susan Anton


"I was anxious to start the 'ChefsDiet™' because I had seen so many people I know really transform on the program. Within the first week I noticed an improvement in my energy level. My body felt lighter, I was clearer in thought, and sleeping better too. The meals are tasty and the convenience of having them delivered to my door makes the program so easy to follow. I would recommend ChefsDiet™ to anyone who wants to make their life and their health better."


Penny Marshall


"I was surprised the food tastes so good and there is so much of it!"


Deborah Shelton


"Deborah Shelton enjoys ChefsDiet™ delivered to her door step."


Cindy Williams


"This diet works, although I don't like to think of it as a diet. More like a delicious, healthy way of life."


Ali Landry


"I want to thank you Chefs Diet for the amazing meals that I receive. I did not start working out for two years after Estela was born so the only reason I was able to get my baby weight off so fast was because of Chefs Diet's wonderful meal plan THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Jason Giambi

MajorLeague First Baseman, New York Baseball

"ChefsDiet™ is a swing and a hit."


Rachel Hunter


"I love the convenience that ChefsDiet™ delivers"


David Diehl

Super Bowl Winning Champion

"Chefs Diet is a touchdown!"


Mary Louise Parker


"When I'm in New York or LA Chefs Diet Delivers""


Nick Swisher

New York Baseball

"When I am in town for home games I have my meals delivered."


Kevin Costner


"I like my sweets, and when I tasted ChefsDiet™ freshly baked snacks I felt I was doing the best possible thing for myself.... so I usually had two!"


Mark Sanchez

New York Football

"My brother and I both enjoy the convenience of getting our meals delivered, especially during the off season"


Dave Winfield

Major League Baseball Hall of Famer

"Healthy, filling, freshly prepared meals for people on the go like me. Different every day and convenient as it gets."


Liza Minnelli

Living Legend

"Whether it be a movie premiere or a walk down the red carpet, ChefsDiet™ Event Program helps me look and feel my best."


David Cone

Sports analyst

"Delivered right to your doorstep… how convenient!"


Ivanka Trump

Real Estate Development

"Working long hours makes it difficult to allocate the time and effort necessary to prepare nutritious meals. ChefsDiet™ affords me the opportunity to maintain a healthy and balanced diet while on the go."


Russell Martin

Gold Glove and Silver Slugger / Catcher NY Baseball

"Chefs Diet is welcome across my home plate any day."


Vincent Pastore


"It's like eating at a 5 star restaurant everyday!"


Carl Pavano

MajorLeague Starting Pitcher, New York Baseball

"Staying focused to deliver a ball for a strike is a demanding job, and ChefsDiet™ has helped in giving me that competitive edge. But most of all I like the convenience of having three meals and two snacks brought to my home plate. Thanks ChefsDiet™."



Fashion Guru from Entertainment Tonight

"Chef's Diet is FABULOUS. I've tried other food services but I felt like I was eating cardboard for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Chef's Diet food is delicious and the menus so creative. I feel like I have my own chef! And I've lost 15 pounds since starting Chef's Diet!! Hurray for Chef's Diet."


Cindy Margolis


"Having gained 60 pounds during my pregnancy, I made it a priority to get back in shape and eat healthy. My life is even busier than before but ChefsDiet™ has made things so much easier for me. Being healthy and fit is not just for me, it's also for my family. Thanks to ChefsDiet™. I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, have more energy and have never felt better!"


Loni Anderson


"Thanks ChefsDiet™ for giving me better food choices when I am on the set."


Jeremy Piven


"Having Chefs Diet on the set gives me one less thing to worry about."


Boomer Esiason

Sports Radio Personality

"I loved the convenience of Chefs Diets Meals"


Rex Lee


"Love the convenience."


Joe Gannascoli


"As a Chef I know high quality food. As an actor I have very little time to prepare my food. ChefsDiet™ passes the test for superior meals and first class service."


Brian Cashman

General Manager, New York Baseball

"My job is deciding who has talent and who will be a winner …… and ChefsDiet™ is one of those WINNERS!"


Kate Flannery

An Actress

"The black bag is so discrete, I don't even mind bringing it to "The Office"."


Michaela McManus


"My busy schedule leaves very little time to cook. ChefsDiet™ keeps Law and Order in my life by delivering these delicious meals & snacks to me everyday".


Jim Finn

New York Football

"Thanks for helping me tackle my dietary decisions. ChefsDiet™ is one team I'm glad to be part of."


Sarah Brown

Emmy Award-Winning Actress

"ChefsDiet™ makes my life easier and the variety makes my dining exciting. I'd give their chef's an Emmy award too!!"


Chris Knight and Adrianne Curry

Newly Weds

"With all the planning for our wedding ChefsDiet™gave us one less thing to think about."


Jenny McCarthy


"My sister and I both liked having meals delivered."



emmy- Best Supporting actress

"ChefsDiet™ makes it simple to eat healthy and stay in tip top shape when shooting on set"


Steven Tyler

Lead singer/Rock musician

"Fabulous, easy and convenient!"


Shirley MacLaine


"The meals are flavored perfectly."


Tim Raines

7 Time All-Star 4 Time Stolen Base Leader

"The convenience, good taste and variety of meals provided by ChefsDiet™ make it a home run!"


Kathy Griffin


"My life might be on the D list but ChefsDiet™ makes me feel like I' am on the A-list."


Enrico Colantoni


"Picture perfect meals ... just fabulous!"


Kiele Sanchez

Network Television's Newest Star (Comedy/Drama)

"Staying focused on the set demands all my time. Since I still have to eat, ChefsDiet™ meals personally prepared and delivered helps keep peace of mind."


Herman Edwards

Football Analyst

"HELLO"…You play to WIN the game, and CHEFS DIET plays to WIN THE GAME!


Laura Breckenridge

Network Television's Newest Star (Comedy/Drama)

"The convenience of ChefsDiet™ has been terrific and the food taste great too!"


Nancy Sinatra

World Renowned Performer

"Delicious food delivered right to your door. If you're off track, ChefsDiet™ will bring you back."


Jason Fabini

Professional Football Player

"ChefsDiet™ is fabulous. I've never felt better!"


Cleo King


"ChefsDiet™ brings the house down."


Kristen Shaw

Actress on newest breakout series"Commander in Chief"

"I love my ChefsDiet™ deliveries! I have never looked better, felt better, slept better or had more energy - and best of all, I have finally found the key to dropping those last 10 lbs! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I could stay on this plan forever...and I just might!"


Doug Mientkiewicz

Gold Glove First Baseman, New York baseball team

"For a professional athlete, there is nothing more important than your physical health and durability. If you can't stay healthy, it doesn't matter how much talent you have. Since beginning ChefsDiet program, I have experienced increased energy and stamina. 162 games is a long season and everyone is bound to get dinged up from time to time. Being on the ChefsDiet has helped me rebound from injuries faster and be more alert at my position."


Tanya Ballinger Waugh


"ChefsDiet™ isn't a crash diet, it's a way of life. It allows me to maintain a perfect healthy diet on a daily basis that is precise and accurate. And yet, without the effort!"


Jan & Mickey Rooney

Dynamic Duo

"ChefsDiet™ Program specially designed for me, has made big changes in my life. Besides being healthier and looking better, I'm finally able to wear my stage costumes more comfortably again.Mickey loves me thinner, and he is crazy about ChefsDiet Desserts. Thank you ChefsDiet™."


Alison Sweeney

Soap Star

"I enjoyed the great meals and convenience…what a terrific program!"


Matt Winston


"Healthy eating is important and ChefsDiet™ is right on cue."


Shandi Finnessey

Miss USA 2004

"Since winning the title of Miss USA, my life has been one big blur of events, interviews and meetings. ChefsDiet™ has helped me change that. Thank you ChefsDiet™ for adding variety and ease to my new life in New York City."


Brian Leetch

Professional Hockey Player

"ChefsDiet™ meals are great!"


Jim Kaat

EmmyAwardWinning New York Baseball Game Analyst

"I was carrying a little "excess baggage", and heard that ChefsDiet™ might help. Well..let me tell you. Not only have I lost 10 lbs in two weeks, but the whole concept of eating right has improved my energy levels, sleeping habits and general overall feeling of good health. Being a former professional athlete, I have been a physically fit person my entire life, but this is by far the most convenient and economical way to eating properly. Now this is truly a home run!! "


Cidney Dutton

Miss Los Angeles County

"When I'm preparing for a pageant, it's important to get into the best shape possible, especially for the all-important swimsuit competition! ChefsDiet™ not only helps me to look my best, but to feel my best, which is also vital for any competition. And the food is delicious too!"


Brandon Jacobs

New York Football

"When I'm not carrying the football into the end zone, I'm carrying my black insulated cooler bag that's delivered from Chefs Diet right to my home."


Gail O'Grady

Professional Actress

"This was the easiest and most successful diet I have ever been on. I achieved my goal in less time than I thought was possible."


Chris Gorham

Television Network Comedy - Lead Actor

"I've been receiving ChefsDiet™ meals for three weeks now and I'm impressed. I've had very few repeat courses and everything has been delicious. I don't know how you cook a filet mingon that's still tender after a trip around my microwave, but these folks did it. Whatever your health goals, if you're considering this service, try it, you won't be disappointed."


Lenny Dykstra

86 World Series Champion, New York baseball

"At this stage of my game watching what I eat is important and ChefsDiet™ which I don't consider a diet but a lifestyle gives me the edge to make the right choices. I have more energy, I am better focused and I still feel as tough as 'Nails'."


William DeMeo

"I love the convenience, and the snacks are great! The program is keeping me lean and mean for my new boxing film".


Chudney Ross

Social Butterfly/ Model

"Chef Diets is FABULOUS! The food is fresh, delicious and delivered right to your door. I feel healthy and fit and ready for bikini season!"


Susan Miller

Astrologer, Author and Daily Columnist of The New York Daily News. Contributing editor of Self magazine and CosmoGirl ! Founder and web publisher of the popular site: Astrology Zone® www.astrologyzone.com

"The stars were aligned perfectly when I first tried ChefsDiet™ meals! Writing several columns requires me to sit at a computer for long hours, and that is not a conducive lifestyle for staying slim. I thank my lucky stars that I discovered ChefsDiet™."


Omar Miller


"Chefs Diets meals are delicious"


Stacey Halprin

Actress/Writer/Public Motivational Speaker

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Tracey Bregman

Professional Actress

"I am new to ChefsDiet™ but couldn't be a bigger fan. Being vegetarian aware, meaning I do eat fish, it is very hard to find food that I like, especially in the studio commissary! For years, during my work day, it was always a panic when lunch comes. Now, I just pick up the bag left for me by ChefsDiet™ and off I go to work and all I have to concentrate on is…work!! Their personal attention has been amazing. Thank you guys!!"


Eva LaRue

Soap Star

"I give ChefsDiet™ a big thumbs up!!"


Jess Walton

Professional Actres

"ChefsDiet™ is an easy and mouth-watering way to lose weight and eat healthy - at least it has been for me!.


Michael Gelman

Producer / Day Time Talk Show

"With my busy schedule convenience is very important and "ChefsDiet™ Delivers!"


Phil Carey


"I enjoyed ChefsDiet™ breakfast not only the taste but the convenience and I have to say I even lost a few pounds."


Libby Hudson

Professional Actress

"Being 9 months pregnant, I just didn't have the time or energy to prepare the nutritious meals I needed. ChefsDiet™ have solved my problem! The food is amazing and I feel so healthy. I know the program will help me drop the pounds after the baby comes."


Beverly D' Angelo

Professional Actress

"ChefsDiet™ has not only the best chefs but offers the most personal support of all the available ChefsDiet™ Home Delivery Systems. I have lost 16 lbs without even trying."


Melissa Archer

DAYTIME Soap Actress

"Finally a diet that delivers and get this they make wonderful balanced chocolate muffins. Thanks ChefsDiet™!"


Adrian Aucoin

Professional Hockey Player

"ChefsDiet™ made it easy for me to stay on schedule. With all my games, practices and training, not to mention my three kids, I found it to be a great way to keep up my nutrition with great meals."


Laurin Sydney

Award-Winning Entertainment & Lifestyle Journalist

"The food is fantastic, the results are resounding, and the service is sensational! The only thing missing is a waiter!!!"


Daniel Sunjata


"ChefsDiet™ takes the guesswork out of calorie counting and food combination for me. It's the best!"


Bryan Michael Stoller

Writer/Director, & Author

"Chef's Diet is like having room service from a Five Star Hotel delivered to your home every day!"


Kelley Hensley & Jon Hensley

Soap Opera Actress / Soap Opera Actor

"ChefsDiet™ makes eating right a no brainer."
"The sandwich wraps for lunch is my favorite meal of the day!"


Bobbie Eakes


"Thanks ChefsDiet™. This was a perfect fit for my lifestyle."


Marybeth Evans

Soap Opera Actress

"When I fly into New York, ChefsDiet™ gives me one less thing to think about. Thanks ChefsDiet™!!"


Dennie Hughes

Relation Tips Columnist USA WEEKEND

"Trust me on this: I'm a diet disaster. I'm not good at sticking to them, and the only thing I found myself losing was my patience and my mind. With ChefsDiet™ I not only dropped almost 12 pounds in 31 days, I gained a sense of what eating was really about. Its the closet thing to having your own personal chef! "


Alexa Havins

DAYTIME Soap Opera Actress

"Making the right food choices is important for me and ChefsDiet™ makes this easy."


Justin Bruening

DAYTIME Soap Opera Actor

"This program helps keep me in check"


Adriana Trigiani

Award-Winning Producer, Playwright and NY Times #1 Best Selling Author

"I love the convenience and the results too!"


Mo Lewis

Professional Football Player

" Entering into my 13th year with the New York Jets, I wanted to have some control over my weight. I was introduced to ChefsDiet™ by Marvin Jones.Once on ChefsDiet™, my weight dropped and my energy increased. I never thought eating right could help this much, and the food tastes great."


Laurie Tenney Fehrs

Tennis Player / Instructor

"Having played 7 US Open Tennis Championships, 6 Wimbledons, staying trim and in shape has been one of the most important things in my life. I had a car accident that immobilized me for a while. I gained a significant amount of weight. With this program I've now lost 18 pounds. Thank you ChefsDiet™ for giving me back my life!"


Min & Yoon Kwon

World Famous Highly Acclaimed Pianist & Violinist

"With our busy schedules ChefsDiet™ makes it easy."


John Abraham

Professional Football Player

"Thank you ChefsDiet™ for the great variety of meals and snacks. This truly has been the healthiest and best diet of my life. Before starting this plan I never really ate breakfast. Now it's my favorite meal of the day. Once again, thanks ChefsDiet™, and keep the muffins coming!."


Anthony Becht

Professional Football Player

"All the work associated with selecting the proper foods is done for you by ChefsDiet™. All the guesswork is taken out of dieting. I encourage you to join today to get the benefits of this program."


Monica Crowley

Analyst, Writer, and Commentator on international affairs and breaking news. As seen on ABC, NBC, Fox, & HBO

"I am definitely a prolific chocoholic and was worried that I wouldn't last with a program like ChefsDiet™. Now after just one week I have more energy and have never felt better. Goodbye Sweets and hello ChefsDiet™."


Jess Zaino

Host, Style Network's Modern Girls Guide to Life

"ChefsDiet™ is easy, delicious and works! I had interviewed ChefsDiet™ founder, Arthur Gunning on Modern Girls Guide to Life and was a bit skeptical at first but within two weeks, I was seeing positive body and mind results. I have lost 15 lbs. and my energy and overall health have greatly improved.

The yummy food keeps me full and satisfied throughout the day and the convenience of delivery takes the guesswork out of what to eat."


Donnie Abraham

Professional Football Player

"Hi! My name is Donnie Abraham currently a professional player with the New York Jets. As most professional athletes will tell you, it's always good to be in the ChefsDiet™!!"


Marco Battaglia

Professional Football Player

"This diet has provided me with balanced nutrition and increased energy which helped me to get the most important game of my professional career in 2004."




"I decided this year was going to be all about me. I called ChefsDiet™ and have now lost 17 lbs. This really isn't a diet, it's more a guide of when, what and how much to eat."


Carl Lewis

Olympic Athlete

"ChefsDiet™ allowed me to keep a fit body, while the meals are convenient for people like me who don't cook."


Annie Potts


"The only way to fly, great service, great food."


Andy Dick


"ChefsDiet™ has totally opened the door to a healthier lifestyle. I'm at my most perfect body weight, I sleep better, have more energy and feel more balanced. They customer tailor the menu to fit exactly what I like so I don't have to think about it. It's changed the way I live."


Hattie Winston


"When I began ChefsDiet™, my concerns were threefold: Improving my health, losing weight, and learning about better and healthier eating habits. I truly feel all goals will be accomplished. I see now that ChefsDiet™ is not a diet but a way of life."


Kelly Hu


"What could be more convenient than ChefsDiet™? I lost 4 pounds in two weeks with very little effort at all. Getting the meals delivered right to my doorstep is the next best thing to having a personal chef. There's no no counting calories, no counting fat grams and no temptation to eat too much or the wrong kinds of food. And best of all, everything tastes terrific!"


Lacey Chabert


"With my hectic work schedule the ChefsDiet™ Delivery allows me to eat well balanced meals that give me great energy. It's not a diet. It's a way of life."


Tom and Shelby Arnold


"There's no way you can't lose weight on ChefsDiet™!"


Lindsey Davenport

Professional Tennis Player
Major Titles:
1996 Olympic Gold Medallist
1998 U.S. Open Champion
1999 Wimbledon Champion

"ChefsDiet™ has become much more than a food program for me, it has become a lifestyle program. ChefsDiet™ not only fits perfectly with my day-to-day life, but it has improved my stamina and energy on the court."


Ashley Pearson

MSNBC TV Producer

"I tried ChefsDiet™ delivery a couple of years ago and it was good but this time around I have been absolutely amazed at how perfect it has been. I have made really specific requests about what foods I don't like and everything has been made to order. The price is really good considering how much food you get - but best of all, you are never hungry and never sick of any of the food you are getting. I wasn't planning on staying this long on it - but I'm addicted and don't want to stop!"


Willie Gault

Wide Receiver Pro Football Olympic Gold Medalist

"Loves his ChefsDiet™ delivered everyday!"


Melina Kanakaredes


"Convenience, quality, taste and excellent staff made it so easy for me to get back into shape after having my first baby. The food was unbelievable!!!!"


Kellen Clemens

New York Football

"With two young kids, my wife and I have been grateful for the quality and convenience of Chef's Diet. The food is great and I know I'm doing my body a favor."


Dominic Monaghan

Network Television Actor

"ChefsDiet™ made it easy for me to stay in shape while on break from filming. I'd be LOST without them."


Carl Pavano

MajorLeague Starting Pitcher, New York Baseball

"Staying focused to deliver a ball for a strike is a demanding job, and ChefsDiet™ has helped in giving me that competitive edge. But most of all I like the convenience of having three meals and two snacks brought to my home plate. Thanks ChefsDiet™."


Jason Cerbone


"Who could ask for anything more than delicious meals and incredible snacks."


Justin Baldoni


"Keeping in great shape is easy with ChefsDiet™."


Jeff Branson


"What's to say it's easy convenient and the food tastes great."


Gordon Chambers

Grammy-Winning Songwriter for Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, and Mark Anthony

"In two weeks of participating in ChefsDiet™, I noticed my elusive stomach muscles unveiling and my physique getting leaner.

The food is delicious, the portions fulfilling, the meals energizing and the packaging convenient for the studio. I give the program 5 Stars."


Jennifer Hutt

Co-host – Satellite Radio Show with Alexis Stewart

"ChefsDiet™ is making it painless to reach my goal. The simplicity of eating only what's in "the black bag" makes following a plan as easy as pie."


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