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Select Your Planand give us a Call

  • Enter your Zip Code to see if we deliver to your area. If so then pick the program that best fits your dietary needs and lifestyle.
  • Call in and speak with a sales representative to review your program choice and see when the next available start day will be.
  • Our representative will walk you through the process step by step and assure you the best ways to benefit from your new program.

Delivery to your Doorstep

  • Once your order is completed and your first delivery date is determined, then sit back and relax. We will take care of the rest.
  • Three balanced gourmet meals and two tasty snacks will be delivered to your front door each day. No shopping, no cooking and no more calorie counting.
  • Just open your door each morning and your black insulated cooler bag will be there waiting. Going away for a few days no problem our customer service team will be able to suspend your delivery.Just give us four business days notice and we will interrupt those days until you return
  • Disclaimer: This only applies to our Du Jour, VegiQuarian, Heart Healthy and Diabetic programs.

Eat and Enjoy!

  • Open your insulated black cooler bag each morning and see what's inside. Every day is different!
  • Enjoy breakfast at home or take it with you. Conveniently labeled containers make it easy to take lunch and snacks with you for life on the go. Put dinner in the fridge for later and you're all set to enjoy a day's worth of healthy meals.
  • Watch the extra weight disappear as you eat your way thin!

Chefs Diet™ FAQS Menu

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  • How many calories will I receive?
  • What is the average weight loss?

    The average client may lose approximately 8 to 10 pounds during the first month and 6 to 8 pounds per month thereafter until they reach their goal weight. Granted, this is dependent on how much weight a client is looking to lose, their exercise level, and adherence to their Chefs Diet program. While our program has yielded excellent results, outcomes will vary from client to client. (Talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program)

  • How long before I can expect to see results?

    Many clients report higher levels of energy and a significant decrease in hunger and fatigue within the first five days. Many clients have reported losses of up to 4 lbs of water weight and body fat during the first week. It is important to remember that "weight loss" should not be your primary objective; rather loss of body fat should become your goal. By the end of week two, many of our clients have reported their clothing fitting more loosely. Although everyone is different, most people may lose approximately 1 ½ to 2 lbs. of body fat each week thereafter.

  • What if I don't need to lose weight?

    Weight loss is not the only reason to join ChefsDiet™ meal delivery program. There are countless other benefits associated with our program, such as improved health, greater energy, better mental clarity, and of course, it is convenient! With so many people on the run these days, it is easy to make bad choices that are readily available for consumption such as Pizza, Bagels, Hot Dogs, and all that you find at Fast Food Restaurants and so on. By having properly prepared great tasting nutritional meals that you can carry with you to work or school at your side eliminates these weight-challenging temptations.

  • What if I don't work out?

    Not to worry, many of our clients have told us, before starting the program, that they are sedentary because of today's ever-changing work environment (longer days and sitting at a computer). By day's end they have told us their eyes are tired and they look forward to getting home just to lie down and relax. However, we have noticed a trend with many of our clients, after being on a Chefs Diet program for a while, with their newfound energy levels they have actually utilized this energy as a springboard to get back to the gym.

  • What If I do work out?

    Then you have picked a great program that will give you controlled energy levels all day long resulting in better workouts. We have heard some clients who do work out and have paired this with their food program seem to have enhanced their weight loss results. We also have many Sport Stars (see celebrity page) that use our program as a foundation for their nutritional needs; however they tell us that they have supplemented their program with extra protein shakes or an additional snack during the day due to their strenuous workouts. Should you need to do this, we recommend balancing out your protein with a favorable carbohydrate to keep sugar levels stabilized. Example: Delicious Red Apple with a piece of String Cheese

  • What if I am still hungry?

    Very few clients ask this question, however when they do we see it is usually in their first week. This usually occurs because your system is readjusting in the first week. Most clients notice after the first seven days that they are no longer having these cravings that they were use to. This is because your system and blood sugar levels are now balanced. But during this first week you may eat as much salad (greens only) as you please. Salads are a free food. Vinaigrette or balsamic vinaigrette dressing is ok. Salad or celery sticks is considered the only free food.

  • Can I drink alcohol while I'm on the program?

    If you choose to drink alcohol, it is best to have some food in your stomach before you drink because the food will slow down the absorption rate of the sugar into your bloodstream and will help to keep your insulin levels in check. Remember that you will need to eat fewer carbohydrates/calories if you choose to have alcohol with your meal.

  • Can I drink diet soda with this program?

    Diet Soda has artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners have a cornered edge that resembles a sugar molecule. Your body will think its sugar, so your body anticipates this and starts secreting insulin. Your blood levels will then decrease resulting in carbohydrate cravings. So what you are doing is faking out your body. If you must have diet soda, then please limit it to only one a day. You can consider this a treat for yourself; any more will compromise the programs intentions.

  • What if I am allergic to a particular food group?

    This is an area of great concern, and our main concern is for our client. We know the challenges that people face with allergies and we will usually try to help accommodate them. However in the food industry there is always a possibility for cross contamination and for some people that could be deadly. If a client is anaphylactic we believe it is in both parties best interest not to start a relationship here. Our primary concern is and always will be for the client and not just to obtain another sale.

  • What if I have restrictions?

    The company's most successful clients are those that come on with no restrictions. These clients get to reap the benefits of all the wonderful meals that are created by our team of great Chefs. Our Chefs work together in our USDA cooking facility and compete with each other to get their creative concepts on the menu each day. So I have warned clients that a simple ingredient like peppers or onions as a restriction could have them missing the better dishes. You will see items in such moderation that I have also suggested to clients that if you see something you don't like just feel free to pick it aside. We do realize though that some people will not eat pork or fish so we have made previsions to enable certain protein products to be restricted.

  • What are the meals delivered in?

    During the day all meals are cooked, prepared and chilled using special cook chill technology, and then they are packed in microwavable containers and placed in our discrete black insulated cooler bags. We then pack the bag with ice packs and that keeps everything cool and fresh.

  • What time do you deliver?

    Our deliveries are generally made between the hours of 9 PM and 5AM daily. We do deliver Saturday and Sundays bags together so this enables our clients the flexibility to travel with their meals during the weekend. All deliveries are made the night before so when you wake up all you have to do is go to your front door and "voila" it's there!

  • How and where is the black insulated cooler bag left?

    We generally leave the bag at the front door unless otherwise directed differently. We have had clients ask us to leave their bags in coolers that they have place outside their front door or in their vestibules. The sales person will help in making this decision base on the accessibility to your front door. Many clients have sent us keys to accesses the front door of their apartment building and then place it at their apartment door. All keys are tagged and logged for security then given to the driver of your route. Many clients also have doorman and they ask us to leave it with the doorman or they will notify the doorman that we will be delivering each night.

  • What do I do with the cooler bag and icepacks when I'm finished?

    Place your black insulated cooler bag(s) with icepacks in same location your delivery is made. Our drivers will take the used bag and replace it with a new one with your next day's meals. If you notice that our drive has not picked up the used bags, then feel free to call us at 1-800-939-0663 or email us at Feel free at the end of your program to keep the last bag and icepacks as a gift from us and enjoy it to try and continue making your own meals.

  • How is the food heated?

    All ChefsDiet™ meals that require heating come conveniently packaged in microwavable containers. If you don't have a microwave, you can transfer your meal onto an oven-safe dish and re-heat at 350 degrees until your meal has reached the desired temperature.

  • What are the basic guidelines for the program?

    Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.
    Water helps keep the metabolism going which in turn burns body fat. Water detoxifies and helps rid the body of waste. Water aids in the digestion.

    Be sure to eat breakfast within one hour of waking up.
    Eating within one hour of waking up is like putting wood into a fire. It ignites the metabolism and starts to burn stored body fat.

    Be sure never to go beyond 4 or 5 hours without eating a meal or snack
    This will help keep your blood sugars stabilized which will give you increased energy levels, better sleeping patterns and controlled carbohydrate cravings.

    Be sure to eat one snack 1 hour before going to sleep.
    Even while you're sleeping your body isn't, your body is actually in repair mode so you will still burn up stored body fat. You can consider it as a hormonal touch up.

    Limit or delete diet soda, regular soda, fruit juices or coffee.
    Caffeine and sugars will raise your insulin levels which will send your blood sugar levels crashing, the immediate affects of this is carbohydrate cravings. (Your actually faking your body out) Caffeine also dehydrates the body. Limit coffee or diet soda to one a day if you must. (You can consider this a treat for yourself)

  • What if I need to interrupt or suspend service?

    Our customer service telephone # is 800-939-0663 or e-mail us at
    Customer Service hours are Mon- Fri 9-5 EST ONLY.
    Please give us four (4) full business days notice if you are going away or if you need time off so we can interrupt and suspend your service properly.
    If you need to restart your program we will need five (5) full business days notice also.
    In the event that you do not give us the four (4) business days notice, your account will be deducted for those days that fall within the four (4) business days.

  • What if I want to continue?

    Chef Diet™ renewal department has a dedicated team of professionals that will reach out to you approximately 2 weeks after you get started. They will call to see how you are doing with the program, how much success you are having with the program, if any adjustments need to be made or if any time needs to be suspended for future engagements. At this time they will also take indications of continuing the program, they do this so there are no interruptions that take place during the transition into the next cycle. Many clients seem to reap wonderful "jaw dropping" result by their second and third cycles.

  • Can I refer a friend?

    We encourage this and we reward generously for this. For every person that you refer to our program at $42.99* a day we will give you three (3) free days and add that to your account upon completion of their program. The nice thing here is that we will also give your friend three (3) free days as a gift from you when they mention your name at sign up for $42.99* a day. So if you think about it… referring clients gives you the opportunity to eat for free.

  • What are the company policies?

    How can I re-schedule a delivery?
    To re-schedule a delivery, call our Customer Service Department at (800) 939-0663 or email to We require four (4) business days notice to process all schedule changes. Chefs Diet™ is unable to change any delivery dates not re-scheduled within this stated deadline.

    What is your cancellation policy?
    "ChefsDiet™ requires four (4) business days to cancel meal delivery program. All cancellations of service not made four (4) business days in advance will have four (4) days counted as used against the account. If you cancel prior to the completion of your sign up cycle any discounts will be prorated to our regular rate."

    Can I change the delivery address for one or more of my next deliveries?
    Yes, you can provide us with an alternate delivery address for any future deliveries provided that you give us at least four (4) business days in advance notice and the alternate delivery address is within our delivery service area. Changes must be made by calling our Customer Service Department at (800) 939-0663 or by email** at Any change requests must be made four (4) business days PRIOR to the delivery date you need to change your delivery address for.

    What if there is an error / problem with a meal I received?
    If there is an error with an individual meal you received, ChefsDiet™ will issue a meal credit (i.e. breakfast credit, lunch credit, dinner credit or snack credit). If you acquire 5 credits, ChefsDiet™ will add an extra day of service to your account. Upon your request, if you prefer to receive a refund for your meal credits at the end of your program cycle, we will issue a refund to your credit card. The monetary amount of your refund will represent the fair value of your meal(s) and is subject to change without notice. If you do not request a refund, all outstanding meal credits will remain in your account for future use.

    Please call our Customer Service Department at (800) 939-0663 or email to for any meal error issues. *Policies stated here are for ChefsDiet™ Delivery of our Fresh Daily program ONLY. Different rules may apply for other programs available from ChefsDiet™. Please refer to our website at for information and guidelines regarding other programs offered.

    **If you choose to contact us about your order via email, please include your full name, order number, telephone number and clearly state your change request.

    *** To explain how our pro-rate formula works, we extend discounted rates for programs with longer days per cycle. For example, our 31 day program costs less per day than our 14 day program. If you order a 31 day program but cancel your last two weeks, your 31 day discounted daily rate no longer applies to your total order. You will be charged the regular rate of a 14 day program and will be refunded the difference.

    Disclaimer: Any and all credits for meal programming, whether promotional or otherwise, must be utilized within six (6) months of their date of provision. Any credits unused by said time shall expire and will no longer be honored.

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